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Mending the Scarred is an organization of women volunteers passionate about reaching out to the broken women that are or have been affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse or any other type of brokenness that is in need of spiritual and emotional healing. We provide Godly counseling and assistance to women through intercessory prayer and inner healing sessions that vary through a variety of methods including weekly meetings, 1 on 1 session with a leader, the weekly group prayer line and/or individually through the phone with a leader or intercessory group member.

We believe all women can grow, understand who they really are,
can define their purpose, and can be the change to those around them.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help women and children in our community that are affected by homelessness, domestic violence and sexual abuse. 


Our Vision

To provide support through Christian faith-based meetings, group conferences and activities which improve the quality of a womens spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. 

Our Future Goals

To be able to provide counseling and assistance in obtaining employment, shelter, financial assistance, food, clothing, medical attention, educational and social services that will contribute to our community and inspire success to all it touches. 


Join us in Mending the Scarred!   

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